Super ThoroSeal ® T5010
An easy-to-use cement-based Waterproof coating for protecting concrete and masonry substrates. Mixes with water. Long lasting and decorative, it seals with a white finish.
      ThoroSeal ® T1018    T1019    T4002    T4003
Cement-based, heavy-duty Waterproof coating for concrete and masonry, interior or exterior. Fills and seals pores and voids while resisting hydrostatic pressure. Mix with water and Acryl 60. Approved by the NSF for potable water.
      ThoroSeal Foundation Coating ® T1180
Cement-based waterproof coating for exterior below-grade concrete or masonry. It can also be used as a base coat above-grade on concrete or masonry. ThoroSeal Foundation Coating is not intended as a decorative finish. Mix ThoroSeal Foundation Coating with water and Acryl 60.
      WaterPlug ® T5001    T5002    T1663
A quick setting, cement-based hydraulic repair mortar for concrete or masonry. It expands to stop running water through holes and cracks. Mix with water. Sets in 3 - 5 minutes.
      Concrete & Masonry Sealer ® T1955    T1956
A penetrating, clear-drying sealer with a patented silane formula. Ready-to-use on driveways, chimneys, steps, sidewalks, and other surfaces to repel water while preserving the surface’s natural look.
      ThoroSeal Waterproofing Paint ® T5200    T5201
Water-based latex formulated, ready-mix coating designed to create a dense, Waterproof barrier for vertical concrete and masonry surfaces. Resists weathering, abrasion, and peeling.